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The Coffee Shop in Senatobia


Vanilla and Sugar Free Vanilla

Classic.  Sweet, Buttery flavor makes your Coffee feel smooth and rich.


Sweet Toasted and Nutty flavor notes create a Nutty Caramel flavor.

Toffee Nut

Rich and Buttery create a Sweet Nutty flavor.

Let's Learn About Coffee

Espresso - Espresso is Coffee, the difference is in the way it is brewed.  Very fine grounds are used and pressed through water to make a strong and concentrated Coffee.

Latte' - Latte' starts with an Espresso shot, but then has Steamed Milk added, and a thin layer of frothed milk on the top.

Macchiato - Steamed Milk, along with a shot of Espresso, and then topped with Steamed Milk.


Toasty and Nutty create a Rich Nutty flavor.


Rich and Buttery notes makes this flavor taste Luscious and Smooth.

The Coffee Shop in Senatobia

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